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Dylan-Mae Caron

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Name: Dylan-Mae Caron
Designation: Sales Associate

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380 Jefferson Blvd

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Dylan-Mae’s focus in real estate captures an expression of tenacity and integrity. She is confident in her profession to service both the commercial and residential markets. Her capacity to demonstrate a sustainable level of articulation of the sales industry is undeniably an added touch of class. Dylan-Mae is inspired by her family’s production in the construction industry and communicates the importance of providing prospects with valuable insights. She persistently challenges corporate structure by finding innovative marketing ideas and redefining real estate transaction experiences. Her creativity to be customer focused has landed her a reputation as a trusted and skilled real estate agent. Raised in Rhode Island, Dylan-Mae has a warrior spirit driven by an ocean state of mind and gratitude. She enjoys reading esteemed social media content and blogging. Her favorite past-times include practicing vinyasa yoga, playing ice hockey, and hanging out with her family and friends.

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