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Feidie Wang

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Name: Feidie Wang
Designation: Sales Associate
Nick Name :Dove

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380 Jefferson Blvd

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Dove has lived in and traveling to many beautiful places of the world. She may have been born in China, but Rhode Island will always be home for Dove. With its beautiful vistas and beaches, every day in Rhode Island is a perfect day. Today, Rhode Island is a global gateway where East and West converge. Dove’s bi-lingual skills in English and Mandarin Chinese enable her to assist international clients interested in either relocating to RI or in diversifying their portfolios to include investment properties. With Dove, the clients’ goals come first, and her job is to serve each client beyond expectations. She always focuses on the clients’ best interests. Dove works with investors, first-home buyers and business people. She focuses on multi-family, commercial, investment and residential real estate throughout Rhode Island. Dove 出生在中国杭州,她到访过世界的很多地方。但是,对于她来说,叫家的地方,永远是罗德岛。罗德岛,拥有最迷人的自然景观,最美丽的大海,还有最鲜美的海鲜。住在罗德岛, 每一天都是最完美的一天。今天,东西方文化在罗德岛交融。在协助国际买家在罗德岛购房时,Dove 流利的中英文和丰富的经验让她可以更好地服务于每一位买家。Dove 专注于房地产投资,商业房产,普通住宅,多户住宅,商业买卖,学区房。她认为每一位客户才是她的真正老板,而她的工作是让每位客户200%地对她的工作感到满意!

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